Easy Methods To Download Photos From Instagram

Everyone today uses Instagram for sharing their memories with friends through stories and regular post. But there is a problem with this photo-sharing app that does not allow its users to download photos from its app or desktop. They don’t want their users to save photos from Instagram to their device. Although Facebook its parent company allows users to save photos from Facebook every easily.

In this article, we are going to explain to you two methods that you can use to download photos from Instagram. In these methods, you will not be required to download and install any software on your mobile or desktop. You just need an internet browser to use these methods.

By Using Instagram Photo Downloader:

Instagram photo downloader is free to use tool that can be used by anyone to download images from the Instagram platform. Follow these steps to use it.

  1. Open the Instagram app or its desktop version.
  2.  Login in into your Instagram account.
  3. Go to the account from which you want to download photo.
  4. Select and open the photo in a new tab.
  5. Copy its URL from the address bar on the top.
  6. Paste that URL on Instaneek’s website.
  7. Click on ‘Download’ button and photo will get downloaded in your local storage.

Download By Using View Source Page:

  1. Go to Instagram’s desktop website.
  2. Choose the photo which you want to save.
  3. Open the photo in a new tab of your browser.
  4. Right-click anywhere on the desktop and click on view page source.
  5. Locate the section that has meta tag properties of the webpage. Here, you’ll see a line of code that starts with <meta property=”og: image“.
  6. There you will find a link that is ending with jpg or png. Copy that link or open that link in the new tab.
  7.  Now, you will be able to see the image in the new tab.
  8. Now, right-click on the image and select Save Image As to save the from the webpage.

By downloading and saving images of users from Instagram, you do not get any right to use their image in any of your commercial projects. Only Instagram has permission to use images of users. As users themselves grant them royalty-free license when they upload their images on their servers.